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TraditionsOur Story

To tell the story of Uva Matris, is to tell the story of my life. The strong bond that I have to this land and the passion that I put into my work every day comes from my past and the values that have been instilled in me from a child. It all started in the early ’70s when Mario Ronchi, my grandfather, driven by a strong passion for the land and its generous fruits, bought the San Pietro farmhouse from a lawyer in Milan.

With incredible generosity, he gave his wife, my grandmother Anna, the estate that he managed with passion and dedication until his passing in 2006. Now, as the 3rd generation, I have become part of the story, carrying on the tradition of my grandfather with the renovation of the estate in 2007, our and the first harvest.

I am especially proud of our special tribute to Grandma Anna, a depiction of her face on our labels

Gabriele Ronchi, winemaker

A step forward

Today the second and third generations of the Ronchi family carry on the tradition of the past with a look towards the future. Over time we learned to better understand our grapes, respect our land, and to appreciate its fruits.