• Grape variety:
    100% Sauvignon Blanc
  • Type of terrain:
    White with pebbly calcareous clay
  • Vineyards elevation and exposure:
    South – 230/250 m a.s.l
  • Harvest:
    Manual in small crates at the end of October
  • Yelds:
    10 quintals/ha
  • Pruining system:
  • Aging:
    18 months in french oak barrique

Alea is a white wine made from overripe Sauvignon blanc grapes. The vineyard from which this wine is made is located in the lowest and most ventilated part of our estate. The bunches are defoliated at the end of August and remains on the plants until the end of October. The alternation of morning humidity together with sunny and windy afternoons allow the development of noble mold – called Botrytis cinerea – on the bunches, which leads to an enrichment of the sugars and to the development of particular scents. The grapes, once harvested, are pressed using a manual press. The must then ferments in barrique, and the wine obtained age in the same barrell for at least 18 months.