• Grape variety:
    70% Barbera – 30% Merlot
  • Type of terrain:
    Calcareous/clay the Barbera – clayey/silt the Merlot
  • Vineyards elevation and exposure:
    North West/South West 230 m a.s.l
  • Harvest:
    Manual in small crates mid-September
  • Yelds:
    70 quintals/ha
  • Pruining system:
  • Aging:
    Only Stainless steel

The Barbera and the Merlot grapes that compose the Novella wine are picked together. The optimal exposure of the vineyards, in fact, permise to pick and vinify those two variety at the same time compensating the characteristics of acidity, color and sugar content. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel vats and the maceration lasts 10 days in order to preserve all the fruity and fresh aromas of the wine. Once malolactic fermentation is complete, the wine rests in steel for the next 6 months. Later, the wine is bottled and stored in our cellar for about 3 months.