1. The ideal conditions to taste wine

    The ideal conditions to taste wine

    The better way to taste Uvamatris wine is that there are appropriate conditions of environment, of wine and of the wine connoisseur…the environment has to be illuminated to catch the wine aspect in the better way. The wine has to be served at the proper temperature to optimize the organoleptic...

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  2. The wine: an unique ingredient in kitchen

    The wine: an unique ingredient in kitchen

    Down from ancient time the wine, both white and red, was used in kitchen. Its perfume, its fragrance, its freshness or its heat are precious both in the daily kitchen and in the big kitchen. The most common using of wine in kitchen are: marinate the meat, flavor the dishes...

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  3. The decanter

    The decanter

      In order to better decant Uvamatris wine, it’s recommended to pour it in a special glass or crystal cruet. This special container is called “Decanter” and, with its wide shape on the base and its narrow neck, allows a better oxygenation for every wine and let release all its scents. In...

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  4. “In vino veritas” proverb

    “In vino veritas” proverb

    (Italiano) In vino veritas: il proverbio, famosissimo, ha origine addirittura nel secondo secolo d.C, in Grecia, ed è poi stato trasportato e adattato anche al latino. Scopri il suo significato!

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  5. Movies for Wine Lovers: Red Obsession

    Movies for Wine Lovers: Red Obsession

    Red Obsession is a beautiful documentary that charts China’s burgeoning appetite for wine, particularly that from Bordeaux. The documentary tracks a period of great change for the global wine industry as China emerges as a dominant player, unsettling the established authorities that have enjoyed dominance for decades.  The focus of the film is...

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  6. The museum of wine in art

    The museum of wine in art

                    In the Château Mouton Rothschild, in France, there is the Museum of Wine in Art. It is situated in a former barrel hall. It contains exceptionally rare items of 17th century German gold- and silverware, jugs, cups and goblets from the fabulous treasure of...

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  7. “Young” wines

    “Young” wines

    Depending on the type of wine, “young” can be considered compliment or unpleasant word. If a wine is considered not able to age, then “young” can be a compliment, as you want to say that this wine is fresh. If there’s a wine that may gets better aging, “young” means...

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  8. Wine in art: Paul Cézanne

    Wine in art: Paul Cézanne

    Paul Cézanne – The Drinker, 1891 Oil on canvas French painter with Italian origins, Cézanne was influenced by a new artistic expression philosophy: Impressionism. In order to better taste this painting, Uvamatris recommends to look it well lighted from some distance. So you will recompose the image in the way that...

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  9. Wine balance

    Wine balance

      Uvamatris wine balance depends on the perfect fusion of each element: acidity, sweetness, alcohol, tannins. If none of these elements pushes the others, then we call it a well-balanced wine. The taste balance is very difficult to have because sweetness must be balanced with bitter and acid. In red...

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  10. Wine structure

    Wine structure

      When Uvamatris talks about “wine structure”… What does it mean? Wine structure refers to its consistency: the more it’s consistent, the more has an important structure. It’s the totality of the substances that compose it (alcohol, glycerol, sugars, acids, tannins and mineral salts). In fact , according to this, a...

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