1. Wine almonds biscuits

    Wine almonds biscuits

    Autumn has come, time to bake; Uvamatris wants to pamper you with some sweetness! Ingredients: FLOUR 300gr SUGAR 150gr UVAMATRIS RED OR WHITE WINE 1 glass CHOPPED ALMONDS 2 spoons SEEDS OIL 1 glass COCOA half a spoon BAKING POWDER half a sachet Recipe: Make a flour fountain and add...

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  2. Pumpkin and wine rice

    Pumpkin and wine rice

      Uvamatris recommends a hot dish for a tasting Autumn! Ingredients: CARNAROLI RICE 320g VEGETABLE BROTH (carrot. onion, celery) BUTTER 50g PUMPKIN 600g GRANA CHEESE 80g PEPPER  ONIONS 100g UVAMATRIS WHITE WINE SALT Recipe: For vegetable broth: cut a carrot, a celery and two onions and put all in a pot full of water and a pinch...

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  3. Red wine risotto

    Red wine risotto

      If you love delicate tastes, you should try Uvamatris red wine risotto! Ingredients (for 4 people) RICE 400g UVAMATRIS RED WINE 2 glasses ONION 1, little BROTH GRANA CHEESE grated BUTTER EXTRAVIRGIN OLIVE OIL SALT PEPPER Recipe: Brown onion with a couple of oil spoons. Pour rice and mix it for a while...

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  4. Figs in red wine sauce, honey and cinnamon

    Figs in red wine sauce, honey and cinnamon

    If you don’t want to give up a little sweetness without guilt, let’s try some figs in Uvamatris red wine sauce, honey and cinnamon! Ingredients 8 FIGS 500g HONEY 25g BROWN SUGAR 120g UVAMATRIS RED WINE 500ml 1 CINNAMON STICK PORTO 35ml 3 CLOVES Recipe Let’s begin to clean fruits: remove their...

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  5. Wine rooster

    Wine rooster

      Ingredients A rooster 1,2 Kg Lean bacon 40 g Uvamatris red wine 500 ml 1 little glass of Cognac Onions 250 g Butter 40 g 1 Garlic 1/2 dried bay leaf Flour 30 g 4 spoons of water Pepper Salt To garnish Champignon mushrooms 125 g Butter 20 g 2 slices of white...

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  6. Red wine pasta

    Red wine pasta

    (Italiano) Un primo piatto colorato, d'effetto e decisamente gustoso: la pasta al vino rosso! Una ricetta che impiega pochi minuti per trasformare gli spaghetti in un capolavoro!

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  7. Wine broccoli

    Wine broccoli

    Prepare with Uvamatris a Sicilian typical side dish Ingredient: 1 kg of broccoli 50 g of onions 60 g Extra virgin olive oil 20 g anchovies in oil Fresh parsley to taste 150 g fresh grated Pecorino 100 g Uvamatris red wine 1 clove of garlic salt to taste black...

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