1. French discover new pleasure… adult comics about wine

    French discover new pleasure… adult comics about wine

    It is no secret that the French love wine. But they are also the world’s second-biggest consumers of graphic novels after the Japanese. Now a new wave of literature is putting the two passions together — comics for adults about wine. BD & Vin – meaning graphic novels and wine...

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  2. The world’s wine industry is adapting to climate change

    The world’s wine industry is adapting to climate change

      Temperature seems to be the environmental factor that have the most profound effect on viticulture. Prolonged high temperature can have a negative impact on the quality of the grapes as well as the wine as it affects the development of grape components that give color, aroma, accumulation of sugar, the...

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  3. Baroliadi or the “Wine Olympics”

    Baroliadi or the “Wine Olympics”

    Instead of the five circles there are eight coats of arms. Those of the municipalities that produce Barolo, perched in the hills of the lower Langa, UNESCO heritage. The Wine Olympics are held in La Morra and include a series of skills tests that recall the history, culture, folklore and...

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  4. How to read a Wine Label

    How to read a Wine Label

      Wine labels have a lot of information on them. Some of it is critical to understanding what is in the bottle, and some of it is just blowing smoke. Here’s a quick guide to help you know what matters, how to spot a bargain, and what to ignore. On...

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  5. How to Taste Wine

    How to Taste Wine

    Uvamatris will help you learn the basics of wine. The ability to sniff out and untangle the subtle threads that weave into complex wine aromas is essential for tasting. Try holding your nose while you swallow a mouthful of wine; you will find that most of the flavor is muted. Your...

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  6. Wine cellar on the Titanic

    Wine cellar on the Titanic

    What wine was drunk on board the titanic? The number of wine bottles scattered around the Titanic isn’t a surprise. The ship’s first class passengers enjoyed extremely elaborate, 10-course dinners, with accompanying wine pairings for each dish. Corks retreived from the wreck indicate that Champagne from Moët and Heidsieck &...

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  7. Grape Varieties

    Grape Varieties

      One of the most influential factors affecting the flavour of wine is the grape variety or varieties that go into its making. Among the top ten grape varieties of the world, there are many so-called international varieties. These are French but are grown in so many countries that people tend...

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  8. Wine’s price record: $78,000 for a bottle of 1951

    Wine’s price record: $78,000 for a bottle of 1951

    A bottle of 1951 Penfolds Grange attracting a final bid of $78,000: it is a new and impressive record has been set in the wine industry. Langton’s, who successfully auctioned the wine through an online bidding war, shared while they could not provide the exact buyer details, “we do know that they...

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  9. The magical atmosphere of the Monferrato

    The magical atmosphere of the Monferrato

    Uvamatris comes from Monferrat, a part of the region of Piedmont that comprises roughly  the modern provinces of Alessandria and Asti. Montferrat is one of the most important wine districts of Italy. The territory is cut in two by the river Tanaro. The northern part (the Basso Monferrato, “Low Montferrat”), which lies between that river and the Po,...

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