1. The ideal conditions to taste wine

    The ideal conditions to taste wine

    The better way to taste Uvamatris wine is that there are appropriate conditions of environment, of wine and of the wine connoisseur…the environment has to be illuminated to catch the wine aspect in the better way. The wine has to be served at the proper temperature to optimize the organoleptic...

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  2. The wine: an unique ingredient in kitchen

    The wine: an unique ingredient in kitchen

    Down from ancient time the wine, both white and red, was used in kitchen. Its perfume, its fragrance, its freshness or its heat are precious both in the daily kitchen and in the big kitchen. The most common using of wine in kitchen are: marinate the meat, flavor the dishes...

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  3. Brasato al vino rosso

    Brasato al vino rosso

    (Italiano) Tempo, attenzione e pazienza non hanno prezzo quando si preparano piatti come il brasato al vino rosso. Dieci ore di macerazione e 3 ore di cottura saranno ripagate dal risultato finale. Provare per credere!

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  4. The decanter

    The decanter

      In order to better decant Uvamatris wine, it’s recommended to pour it in a special glass or crystal cruet. This special container is called “Decanter” and, with its wide shape on the base and its narrow neck, allows a better oxygenation for every wine and let release all its scents. In...

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  5. “In vino veritas” proverb

    “In vino veritas” proverb

    (Italiano) In vino veritas: il proverbio, famosissimo, ha origine addirittura nel secondo secolo d.C, in Grecia, ed è poi stato trasportato e adattato anche al latino. Scopri il suo significato!

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  6. Wine and Cheese

    Wine and Cheese

    Wine and cheese pairing possibilities are endless. with fresh cheeses, that are not aged and have a mild, slightly tangy flavor, you can drink a fruity red like a pinot noir or

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