1. “In vino veritas” proverb

    “In vino veritas” proverb

    (Italiano) In vino veritas: il proverbio, famosissimo, ha origine addirittura nel secondo secolo d.C, in Grecia, ed è poi stato trasportato e adattato anche al latino. Scopri il suo significato!

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  2. Wine and Cheese

    Wine and Cheese

    Wine and cheese pairing possibilities are endless. with fresh cheeses, that are not aged and have a mild, slightly tangy flavor, you can drink a fruity red like a pinot noir or

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  3. The Irpininian wines route

    The Irpininian wines route

    The wine route in Irpinia starts in Avellino and, with several stops and branches, crosses the Appian Way, passing by the Campania's valleys of Sàbato and Calore

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  4. Acids in wine

    Acids in wine

    What is acidity in wine? Uvamatris Answers to this question… Acids are one of 4 fundamental traits in wine (the others are tannin, alcohol and sweetness). Acidity gives wine its tart and sour taste. All wines lie on the acidic side of the pH spectrum and most range from 2.5...

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