1. Red wine risotto

    Red wine risotto

    Red wine offers interesting and surprising possibilities in cooking. Uvamatris suggests you to cook the red wine risotto. Ingredients 400 grams of rice 500 ml of vegetable nut 2 glasses of red wine Uvamatris 100 grams of vegan margarine 1 bunch of sage 1 bunch of rosemary half onion Prepare...

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  2. Cooking With Wine…Questions and Answers

    Cooking With Wine…Questions and Answers

      Wine is used in the kitchen as a marinade ingredient, as a cooking liquid, and as a flavoring in a finished dish. Wine in cooking is used to intensify, enhance, and accent the flavor and aroma of food, not to mask the flavor of what you are cooking but rather...

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  3. Red wine venison stew

    Red wine venison stew

      Uvamatris tries to warm you up with a North European dish! Ingredients: ELK OR REINDEER MEAT 400g FLOUR 2 spoons SALT 1 teaspoon WHITE PEPPER  BUTTER 2 spoons 2 sliced CARROTS 1 chopped ONION  UVAMATRIS RED WINE Recipe: Dice meat and flour it. In a pan, add the previously melted butter and the floured...

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  4. Wine almonds biscuits

    Wine almonds biscuits

    Autumn has come, time to bake; Uvamatris wants to pamper you with some sweetness! Ingredients: FLOUR 300gr SUGAR 150gr UVAMATRIS RED OR WHITE WINE 1 glass CHOPPED ALMONDS 2 spoons SEEDS OIL 1 glass COCOA half a spoon BAKING POWDER half a sachet Recipe: Make a flour fountain and add...

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  5. Pumpkin and wine rice

    Pumpkin and wine rice

      Uvamatris recommends a hot dish for a tasting Autumn! Ingredients: CARNAROLI RICE 320g VEGETABLE BROTH (carrot. onion, celery) BUTTER 50g PUMPKIN 600g GRANA CHEESE 80g PEPPER  ONIONS 100g UVAMATRIS WHITE WINE SALT Recipe: For vegetable broth: cut a carrot, a celery and two onions and put all in a pot full of water and a pinch...

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  6. Wine in the kitchen

    Wine in the kitchen

      Uvamatris can also make you taste some curiosities! Infact Uvamatris wine is not only to taste, but is also good in the kitchen; since the earliest times, wine was used to flavor dishes, make them marinated and even to make dough leaven. In some desserts, the main character is...

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  7. Wine rooster

    Wine rooster

      Ingredients A rooster 1,2 Kg Lean bacon 40 g Uvamatris red wine 500 ml 1 little glass of Cognac Onions 250 g Butter 40 g 1 Garlic 1/2 dried bay leaf Flour 30 g 4 spoons of water Pepper Salt To garnish Champignon mushrooms 125 g Butter 20 g 2 slices of white...

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  8. Wine kidney beans

    Wine kidney beans

    This is a delicious simple recipe to prepare with the Uvamatris red wine… 500 g of kidney beans 250 g of sliced bacon 50 cl of Uvamatris red wine 50 g of butter Herbs Salt Pepper Soak the kidney beans overnight. The day after cook them in Uvamatris red wine,...

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  9. Wine anchovies

    Wine anchovies

    The Uvamatris wine anchovies are a tasty and a very fast to prepare dish… Ingredients: 700 gr of anchovies 2 bay leaves 100 ml of white wine Parsley Extra virgin olive oil Salt Procedure: Put in a pot the wine and the two bay leaves and bring it to a...

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