1. Healing wines

    Healing wines

    In ancient times there weren’t many medicines so they used other methods like, for example, decoctions: infusions of herbs or spontaneous plants. Another way to extract active substances from herbs was the preparation of medicinal wines; their conservation was longer. Nowadays, herbs-wine combination still has some beneficial effects and Uvamatris recommends...

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  2. Wine aging

    Wine aging

    Uvamatris wine aging process is the period between wine making and wine serving. It can happen in barrels, vats or bottles, in cool, dark and damp environments. This process is useful to flavor wines, harmonize their structure and soften tannins, and the time period can change according to the type of...

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  3. Movie to taste: Saint-Amour

    Movie to taste: Saint-Amour

    Saint Amour: a beautiful movie to watch tasting a good glass of Uvamatris wine, film made by Delèpine and Kervern (Louise Michel), a wine trip around Paris. Here it is the plot: the farmer Jean has only one goal: win with his bull Nabucodonosor. However, his son Bruno is tired of...

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  4. Grapes skins contact

    Grapes skins contact

      Do you know what “grapes skins contact” means? It’s an oenological expression to indicate the period in which the grapes must take contact with grapes skins. During this contact, which can be for few hours or for few days, the wine absorbs skins pigments, tannins and concentrated flavors. For...

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