1. The magical atmosphere of the Monferrato

    The magical atmosphere of the Monferrato

    Uvamatris comes from Monferrat, a part of the region of Piedmont that comprises roughly  the modern provinces of Alessandria and Asti. Montferrat is one of the most important wine districts of Italy. The territory is cut in two by the river Tanaro. The northern part (the Basso Monferrato, “Low Montferrat”), which lies between that river and the Po,...

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  2. Etymology of “Monferrato”

    Etymology of “Monferrato”

    Do you know the Etymology of “Monferrato”? There are various interpretations and assumptions,  but to date none are certain. There are many opinions, with Aldo Ricaldone stating the name was derived from “Mount” and farro — a variety of wheat. Another claim is that it comes from the Latin Mons ferax meaning “mount fertile and rich.” Still...

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  3. The wine in Ancient Egypt: artistic testimonies

    The wine in Ancient Egypt: artistic testimonies

    Today Uvamatris accompanies you in Ancient Egypt, where wine was a beverage “consumed in large quantities also by the people, it was one of the emblems of kings and pharaons” (from “Archeo” n.259, September 2006). In the Nakht’s grave, 18th dynasty, 2nd millennium B.C., to Thebes west, were discovered masonry...

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  4. Red wine and chestnuts

    Red wine and chestnuts

    In Autumn follow Uvamatris advices to combine wine and chestnuts! It is advisable combine to roasted chestnuts a young, fresh wine, with a soft fruits, cherry and black cherry aftertaste. The chestnuts can be also boiled in salad water and eaten, or they can be sifted in a mash tun or...

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  5. The origins of wine

    The origins of wine

    Uvamatris accompanies you in a journey of discovery of the wine origin… The first tracks of cultivation of the grapevine are located in Asia Minor, in the lands between Tigris and Euphrates. The prehistoric men picked up some bunch of wild grapes, and they were fascinated by their bitter and...

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  6. The legend about the origin of the wine

    The legend about the origin of the wine

    Uvamatris proposes a charming legend about the wine’s legend… Traveling to Nasso, Bacco saw a small and unknown plant. Get curious, he uprooted it from the ground and put it, with moist soil, in a bird bone. During the travel, the plant grew disproportionately, so much that Bacco had to...

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  7. Wine Corks: which ones to pick?

    Wine Corks: which ones to pick?

    With Uvamatris discover the several types of Wine Corks! Natural Wine Corks: natural cork tree bark is an elastic and waterproof material (for this reason it guarantees an optimal adherence to the neck of the bottle, isolating the wine by external agents)and it is present natural microporosity that allow a...

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  8. Wine and chocolate. A possible combination?

    Wine and chocolate. A possible combination?

    How to combine wine and chocolate? Follow Uvamatris suggests! The wine to combine with chocolate must be with a high alcoholic strength, must have a great intensity olfactory taste and a elevate residual of sugar. So the chocolate must be combined with Passito wines, with liqueur or aromatized wines. If instead...

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