1. Drunk octopus

    Drunk octopus

    (Italiano) Il polpo ubriaco, o polpo alla livornese, è una variante molto originale del polpo tradizionale e, ovviamente, è fatta con il vino! Pronto a cucinarlo?

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  2. Red wine venison stew

    Red wine venison stew

      Uvamatris tries to warm you up with a North European dish! Ingredients: ELK OR REINDEER MEAT 400g FLOUR 2 spoons SALT 1 teaspoon WHITE PEPPER  BUTTER 2 spoons 2 sliced CARROTS 1 chopped ONION  UVAMATRIS RED WINE Recipe: Dice meat and flour it. In a pan, add the previously melted butter and the floured...

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  3. Red wine beans

    Red wine beans

      Uvamatris proposes a simple and tasty side dish for cheerful meals! Ingredients: BEANS 500gr BACON 300gr OIL  HERBS UVAMATRIS RED WINE SALT PEPPER Recipe: Let simmer beans in Uvamatris red wine diluted with cold water (half a liter) and herbs. In another pan prepare bacon slim cutted with a little...

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  4. Red wine pasta

    Red wine pasta

    (Italiano) Un primo piatto colorato, d'effetto e decisamente gustoso: la pasta al vino rosso! Una ricetta che impiega pochi minuti per trasformare gli spaghetti in un capolavoro!

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  5. Red wine: dyeing for fabrics

    Red wine: dyeing for fabrics

    Uvamatris suggests you a nice way to use the advanced wine, for the dyeing of clothes. The wine has to be paid in a boiling pot of water, in which you can immerse your fabrics in linen or cotton. To set the color you have to add to the water...

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  6. Horizontal and vertical wine tasting

    Horizontal and vertical wine tasting

      Uvamatris wants to remember you the meaning of the word “tasting” i.e. to analyze carefully every wine feature in order to value its qualities. Wine quality depends on: grape type soil where the grapes are cultivated type of climate during its maturation processing in the cellar wine age The tasting...

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  7. Pork tenderloin with wine sauce

    Pork tenderloin with wine sauce

    (Italiano) Per fare un gran figurone con un piatto gourmet, perché non servi il filetto di maiale con salsa al vino? Nessuno scoprirà che la ricetta è facilissima e veloce!

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