1. A shelter with recycled glass bottles

    A shelter with recycled glass bottles

    How do you build a shelter made of glass bottles? Richard Pim, English hydrogeologist, gives us the idea. He has built an eco-shelter completely made of recycled glass bottles. These bottles were used to built a dome supported by 4 reinforced concrete arches. In between these 4 arches, Richard managed...

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  2. Wine aging

    Wine aging

    Uvamatris wine aging process is the period between wine making and wine serving. It can happen in barrels, vats or bottles, in cool, dark and damp environments. This process is useful to flavor wines, harmonize their structure and soften tannins, and the time period can change according to the type of...

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  3. Wine in the kitchen

    Wine in the kitchen

      Uvamatris can also make you taste some curiosities! Infact Uvamatris wine is not only to taste, but is also good in the kitchen; since the earliest times, wine was used to flavor dishes, make them marinated and even to make dough leaven. In some desserts, the main character is...

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  4. Red wine risotto

    Red wine risotto

      If you love delicate tastes, you should try Uvamatris red wine risotto! Ingredients (for 4 people) RICE 400g UVAMATRIS RED WINE 2 glasses ONION 1, little BROTH GRANA CHEESE grated BUTTER EXTRAVIRGIN OLIVE OIL SALT PEPPER Recipe: Brown onion with a couple of oil spoons. Pour rice and mix it for a while...

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  5. Wine in art: Van Gogh

    Wine in art: Van Gogh

      Have a journey into the world of art with Uvamatris… Vincent Van Gogh has painted only three paintings with a vineyard. The first one was painted in 1888 in Arles, where he lived there for 18 months, and it’s “The red vineyard”. In Auvers-sur-Oise, he painted in pencil and watercolor...

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  6. Movie to taste: Saint-Amour

    Movie to taste: Saint-Amour

    Saint Amour: a beautiful movie to watch tasting a good glass of Uvamatris wine, film made by Delèpine and Kervern (Louise Michel), a wine trip around Paris. Here it is the plot: the farmer Jean has only one goal: win with his bull Nabucodonosor. However, his son Bruno is tired of...

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  7. Grapes skins contact

    Grapes skins contact

      Do you know what “grapes skins contact” means? It’s an oenological expression to indicate the period in which the grapes must take contact with grapes skins. During this contact, which can be for few hours or for few days, the wine absorbs skins pigments, tannins and concentrated flavors. For...

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  8. Monferrato’s landscape

    Monferrato’s landscape

      Monferrato’s landscape is very fascinating. In the North it borders with the park of Po surrounded by rice’s fields to the Alpine circle. On the other hand, in the South, you can see breathtaking mountains and small villages profiles. Sparkling places where you can taste high quality food and wines:...

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  9. Geological atlas of Italian wines

    Geological atlas of Italian wines

    Uvamatris suggests a book on wines which it focuses on geology: Geological atlas of Italian wines, edited by Giunti and written by Attilio Scienza and others. The soil composition is very important for the taste of wine and it’s one of the elements that makes the terroir, French word which is impossible to translate in...

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