1. “Young” wines

    “Young” wines

    Depending on the type of wine, “young” can be considered compliment or unpleasant word. If a wine is considered not able to age, then “young” can be a compliment, as you want to say that this wine is fresh. If there’s a wine that may gets better aging, “young” means...

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  2. Wine balance

    Wine balance

      Uvamatris wine balance depends on the perfect fusion of each element: acidity, sweetness, alcohol, tannins. If none of these elements pushes the others, then we call it a well-balanced wine. The taste balance is very difficult to have because sweetness must be balanced with bitter and acid. In red...

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  3. Healing wines

    Healing wines

    In ancient times there weren’t many medicines so they used other methods like, for example, decoctions: infusions of herbs or spontaneous plants. Another way to extract active substances from herbs was the preparation of medicinal wines; their conservation was longer. Nowadays, herbs-wine combination still has some beneficial effects and Uvamatris recommends...

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  4. How much wine in the bottle?

    How much wine in the bottle?

    Discover with Uvamatris different types of wine bottles! Seven tenths wine bottle (0,750l) is the ideal can for high quality wines, suitable to allow a harmonic aging and useful for commercial storage and shipments operations. In addition to this standard size, also exist bigger sizes: from a liter and a...

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  5. Better if settled

    Better if settled

      In order to better taste and appreciate every shade of the wine with a harmonic aging, is necessary to get it settled before serving. Uvamatris suggests these rules: -Pick up the great vintage bottle from the cellar and take it 24 hours before in the place where it will...

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  6. Before serving, rinse glasses

    Before serving, rinse glasses

      Sometimes glasses left in the cupboard can have a bad smell, that may remains also after having washed them. In order to avoid this problem, Uvamatris recommends first to “rinse” glasses. It consists on pouring some wine in the glass, keeping it bent over and making wine flowing. Condividi:

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  7. Horizontal and vertical wine tasting

    Horizontal and vertical wine tasting

      Uvamatris wants to remember you the meaning of the word “tasting” i.e. to analyze carefully every wine feature in order to value its qualities. Wine quality depends on: grape type soil where the grapes are cultivated type of climate during its maturation processing in the cellar wine age The tasting...

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