1. Mousse with Uvamatris white wine

    Mousse with Uvamatris white wine

      Ingredients 2,5 dl of Uvamatris white wine 4 yolks 200g of sugar 1 untreated lemon 1 orange 8 sheets of gelatin 2,5 dl fresh cream Beat the yolks with the sugar until a frothy mixture. Add the Uvamatris white wine, the lemon zest and half orange zest. Pour the...

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  2. How to read a wine label

    How to read a wine label

    With Uvamatris learn to read the wine label! It report the follow informations… 1) The wine name; 2) The category to which they belong, it is compulsory only for wines without designation or indication of origin; 3) The year, compulsory only for DOP wine, excluded the Spumante, the sparkling wine, and the...

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  3. Drunk octopus

    Drunk octopus

    (Italiano) Il polpo ubriaco, o polpo alla livornese, è una variante molto originale del polpo tradizionale e, ovviamente, è fatta con il vino! Pronto a cucinarlo?

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  4. Beef wine and nuts

    Beef wine and nuts

    (Italiano) Il brasato ha stancato? Prova una ricetta altrettanto gustosa ma originale: il manzo al vino rosso e noci! Un piatto perfetto ma facile da preparare!

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  5. Wine and Poetry: Aristophanes’ verses

    Wine and Poetry: Aristophanes’ verses

    Uvamatris proposes you the reading of these Aristophanes’ verses about the wine… When a man drinks, he is rich, everything he touches succeeds, he gains lawsuits, is happy and helps his friends. Aristophanes, greek playwright (450 – 388 B.C.) Condividi:

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  6. When the wine is D.O.C.

    When the wine is D.O.C.

    In oenology the DOC brand indicates the Designation of origin. Is a brand of Italian origin that is used to certify the origin area and the demarcated area for the grape picking used for the wine production on which the DOC brand is affixed. The product features are connected both...

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  7. Italy is the first USA wine supplier

    Italy is the first USA wine supplier

    The Italian wine is the most loved in USA. ICE, the Institute for Foreign Trade, confirms it, signalling the total market share of 32,4%, the export increased of 5,9% to 1,65 billion dollars in the period Jenuary-November 2016; the wine represents the first voice of Italian food processing export and...

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  8. “Vin Santo”: a wine, so many legend

    “Vin Santo”: a wine, so many legend

    There are specific references to Vin Santo only from 1700. A legend from Siena has it that in XIV century a friar has cured the plague victims with a wine used to celebrate Mass, with the certainty that it was a miraculous wine. A Florentine story says that, at the...

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  9. Wine kidney beans

    Wine kidney beans

    This is a delicious simple recipe to prepare with the Uvamatris red wine… 500 g of kidney beans 250 g of sliced bacon 50 cl of Uvamatris red wine 50 g of butter Herbs Salt Pepper Soak the kidney beans overnight. The day after cook them in Uvamatris red wine,...

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