Cascina San Pietro


Our winemaking estate is located in Sala Monferrato, in the countryside around Monferrato.
It sits atop a gently rolling hill at 264 metres above sea level, the estate stretches some 6 hectares, 4 of which have productive vineyards.

The soil is calcareous and marly, white, light grey or beige and rich in calcium carbonate. Our fertile land and geographic location provides the perfect conditions for the grapes to ripen to perfection.

Our deeply alluring countryside yields the finest grapes, producing wines in the very best tradition of Piedmont.



Monferrato is a prestigious name in the world of wine making.
Its mostly hilly terrain is located in the Piedmont region, mainly in the provinces of Alessandria and Asti. It stretches all the way to the feet of the Ligurian Apennines.
The vineyards almost entirely cover the slopes and tops of the hills, interspersed with small woods.

In the Monferrato area the tending of vineyards and the production of great wines is, above all, an expression of the local culture and its ancient traditions.


The Vineyards


The Barbera grape was born in the Monferrato area and is still today the area’s mostly widely grown varietal. Even though the first official documentation of this grape dates to 1798, when Count Nuvolose planted the first vineyards of the variety in the Piedmont, it has origins that reach back to ancient times. Barbera grapes were then called “Vitis vinifera Montisferratensis” to characterize it as a typically Monferrato varietal.

The Barbera is a red varietal cultivated in vineyards on hilltops that enjoy the best exposure and sunlight. It ripens later than other varieties and is usually harvested between late September and mid-October. The vines produce medium-sized bunches, the grapes are slightly oval, rich in sugar and colour and their skins contain an average amount of tannin.