1. “In vino veritas” proverb

    “In vino veritas” proverb

    (Italiano) In vino veritas: il proverbio, famosissimo, ha origine addirittura nel secondo secolo d.C, in Grecia, ed è poi stato trasportato e adattato anche al latino. Scopri il suo significato!

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  2. Wine in Christianity

    Wine in Christianity

    In Christianity, wine is used in a sacred rite called the Eucharist, which originates in the Gospel account of the Last Supper (Gospel of Luke 22:19) describing Jesus sharing bread and wine with his disciples and commanding them to “do this in remembrance of me.” It spread then all over...

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  3. The ancient Roman tabernae

    The ancient Roman tabernae

    In ancient Rome, the tabernae were locals similar to our taverns where wine was sold. Tabernae consisted of one or more rooms, of which the one on the street provided with a large masonry counter, on which there was almost always a small stove to heat the water in winter and...

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  4. Movies for Wine Lovers: A Walk in the Clouds

    Movies for Wine Lovers: A Walk in the Clouds

    The review of films for wine lovers continues. Uvamatris today suggests you to watch the movie A Walk in the Clouds. It  is a  romantic drama regarded by some as one of the best wine movies ever made. About the plot: a young married US military soldier, Paul, returns home after World...

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