1. How to read a wine label

    How to read a wine label

    With Uvamatris learn to read the wine label! It report the follow informations… 1) The wine name; 2) The category to which they belong, it is compulsory only for wines without designation or indication of origin; 3) The year, compulsory only for DOP wine, excluded the Spumante, the sparkling wine, and the...

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  2. Corks: creative ideas

    Corks: creative ideas

    After an Uvamatris wine party, glass can be recycled in its containers… And corks can have a new life! For kitchen lovers, the trivet is a perfect idea in order to not ruin the table; you only have to glue the corks inside a frame or tighten them with a...

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  3. The decanter

    The decanter

      In order to better decant Uvamatris wine, it’s recommended to pour it in a special glass or crystal cruet. This special container is called “Decanter” and, with its wide shape on the base and its narrow neck, allows a better oxygenation for every wine and let release all its scents. In...

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  4. Drunk octopus

    Drunk octopus

    (Italiano) Il polpo ubriaco, o polpo alla livornese, è una variante molto originale del polpo tradizionale e, ovviamente, è fatta con il vino! Pronto a cucinarlo?

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