1. Trips for wine lovers: Portugal

    Trips for wine lovers: Portugal

    The Douro Valley, in Portugal, is one of the world’s oldest winemaking regions: Romans introduced vines back in the third century A.D. You’ll want to stop at the Sandeman winery with its comprehensive tasting center or drink in the views after a steep climb to Quinta do Crasto. There are...

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  2. South Tyrolean wine route

    South Tyrolean wine route

    The wine route in South Tyrol is one of the oldest wine routes in Italy. Running parallel to the Adige valley, in the Oltradige, starting from Nalles it touches the city of Bolzano continuing southwards until reaching Cortina on the Strada del Vino, near Salorno. It is about 70 kilometers...

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  3. The International Organisation of Vine and Wine

    The International Organisation of Vine and Wine

    The International Organisation of Vine and Wine is an intergovernmental organization which deals with technical and scientific aspects of viticulture and winemaking. This association is based in Paris and had 45 member states as of 2013. Its fields includes grape production for all purposes, i.e. not just wine, but also table grapes and raisin production. Condividi:

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  4. How to make wine jam

    How to make wine jam

    Uvamatris explains you, step by step, how to prepare a special jam made with wine. Ingredients 750ml of Uvamatris red wine 2 cloves; a piece of cinnamon; a stick of vanillia; 600gr of caster sugar Put the red wine Uvamatris in a pot with cinnamon and cloves and leave it...

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  5. Spa treatments based on wine

    Spa treatments based on wine

    Vinotherapy is a treatment oriented to the health and well-being of the person through the use of grape properties. This practice originated in France, near Bordeaux, and is based mixing of wine with other substances, including lemon juice and various aromatic herbs. There are several places in Italy where you...

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  6. TuttoWine 2019

    TuttoWine 2019

    From 6 to 9 May 2019 will be held at the FieraMilano Rho Tuttofood, the international food exhibition. Here there will be also TuttoWine, a space with initiatives specifically dedicated to wine. Exhibitors will be able to promote their products in a timetable of tastings and meetings, which will also...

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  7. Wine frauds

    Wine frauds

    Discover with Uvamatris the different types of wine frauds! The addition of substances to wine (water or alcohols such as ethanol or methanol), to improve the quality or lower the price, is called sophistication. Adulteration  indicates the change in the composition of the wine by adding or subtracting certain components...

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  8. A small glass of wine helps unleash creativity

    A small glass of wine helps unleash creativity

    Austrian scientists have found that a small glass of wine, or a small pint of beer, helps unleash creativity. The study worked by taking a group of participants where some were given alcoholic beer and others were given non-alcoholic beer. The participants were then given a word association assignment where...

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  9. The ancient Roman tabernae

    The ancient Roman tabernae

    In ancient Rome, the tabernae were locals similar to our taverns where wine was sold. Tabernae consisted of one or more rooms, of which the one on the street provided with a large masonry counter, on which there was almost always a small stove to heat the water in winter and...

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  10. Vinitaly 2019

    Vinitaly 2019

    Vinitaly, the international exhibition of wine, returns to Verona from 7 to 10 April 2019. At this fair all the actors of the sector meet to learn about the excellences, discover the market trends and do business. In addition to tastings, there will be  analysis on the main markets, presentation...

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