Which wine is better for Summer? Can I drink a red one?


Finally Summer is almost there and it is time to start wondering which wine is better to drink on Summer. Are there differences? Let’s check then which wines we should serve and how!

Summer wines: Can I drink a red wine?

Red wine, if served at the right temperature, can express its character very well ! With a red wine at a temperature of about 16 º-18 º C each grilled takes on a different flavor! The bottle, once placed at the table, could be a bit of condensation, which is quite normal!

The ideal would be placing the bottle in the fridge a few hours before serving it, or using a thermic coat. Amongst red wines, we do suggest a Pinot Noir, or a Nebbiolo from Piedmont. 

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White wine during Summer: perfect combo

White wine is one of the best ideas for Summer: with the heat around, it turns into a must taking a fresh bottle of white wine! The perfect choice could be a classic Sauvignon Blanc!

What about sparkling wine for Summer?

Sparkling wine is ideal in every season and for any kind of occasion, from a dinner to a party or celebration; therefore, Summer makes no exception! Of course it is better to choose a quality one!

Time to start organizing BBQs, of course with the most suitable wine!

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