How to read a wine label

With Uvamatris learn to read the wine label! It report the follow informations…

1) The wine name;
2) The category to which they belong, it is compulsory only for wines without designation or indication of origin;
3) The year, compulsory only for DOP wine, excluded the Spumante, the sparkling wine, and the liqueur wine. Often the year is on the front of the label;
4) Name and business name of the bottler;
5) Origin: for the Italian wine without denomination is indicated “prodotto in Italia”; for Dop and IGP from other countries shall be indicated “produced in..” and the name of the country where the wine was producted;
6) Alcoholic strength: indicates the quantity (ml) of ethyl alcohol present in 100 ml of wine;
7) Quantity of the product, namely nominal volume.


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