Forecasts of the world of wine for the next ten years: quality wins

From an analysis made by Assoenologi, Ismea and the Italian Wines Union, the quality of the wine for the 2020 harvest wins: we are talking about an overall production of wine and must of 46.6 hectoliters, with a decrease of 2% compared to 47 , 5 million hectoliters in 2019.

According to the researchers, however, this is a favorable result compared to the world economic situation, which delivers a very promising harvest for the commercial future of the world’s leading wine producer.

The analysis shows that the greatest contraction is for the regions of central and southern Italy, including Tuscany, Sicily, Umbria and Lazio. On the other hand, Sardinia went against the trend (+20%).

The President of Assoenologi states that the 2020 harvest brought very high quality grapes thanks also to a slight decrease in quantity. Given the pandemic situation in which we are found, the excellent quality of the wines produced will certainly be the added value of this harvest.

Italian wineries are facing the difficulties arising from the pandemic with great dynamism and a spirit of adaptation, through a diversification of distribution channels.

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