Italy: a startup produces bioplastic from wine waste

An Italian startup wins the National Innovation Award 2020, the most important business plan competition in Italy.

The startup produces new plastic materials from agro-industrial waste, which it transforms into green raw materials at the service of industry: the aim is to improve the management of farm waste and, at the same time, to start the creation of new green materials in the world of plastic.

Agromaterie launches the launch product is the Wine Plastics filler, a technological powder obtained from wine waste that can be mixed up to 60% with all existing plastics and bioplastics. Wine Plastics filler increases the mechanical properties of the material, lowers production costs up to 48% and makes the material highly eco-friendly.

The startup has reached an agreement with wineries and wineries from which it recovers the waste and sends them the material produced so that they can test it.

It is estimated that the entire market has a potential turnover of 40-50 billion between disposable products, packaging, agriculture and consumer goods.

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