Christmas tree with wine bottles

12 days before Christmas, Uvamatris gives you an idea on how to recycle wine bottles in a creative way… For an eco-chic Uvamatris Christmas!

What is needed:

  • a WIRE
  • HALOGEN LONG LAMP with adjustable head

What to do:

Begin with cutting panels the size you prefer. Cut as much panels as many levels you want, each level the necessary size.

For the first level: place the lamp in the center with the head down. Place around it Uvamatris bottles on 2/3 rows. Secure a wire ring around the neck of each bottle and through the center of the lamp.

Place the lights wire on the bottles, putting lights in their neck.

Place the second panel after having drilled it in the center, in order to make the lamp body pass. Place bottles, wire and lights tightening the bottles circumference.

Do the same with the other levels, always tightening the circumference till the top of the tree.

Put a ribbon on the top as finishing touch and here you are a surprising Uvamatris Christmas tree!

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