The wine of the Langhe: from the land of Piedmont a DOC denomination

The wine of the Langhe, another of the DOC labels of Piedmont, to discover

Vino DOC delle Langhe Nebbiolo

The Langhe are the largest area of Piedmont, wedged between the area of Monferrato and Cuneo. It is such a vast province that in dialect they call it “Granda Provincia” (or Big province) and it is divided into Bassa Langa (territory of Alba) and Langa Astigiana, the closest to Monferrato.

In this area, in addition to food, you can taste some of the best wines of Italy, such as Barbera, Nebbiolo, Barolo or Barbaresco.

The viticultural vocation that led the Lange wine becoming DOC

The winegrowers of this area of the Langhe have always selected in each vineyard the production to be followed depending on the quality; that is, in each vineyard the grapes, depending on the type of wine to be produced, have always been separated, leaving the place of honor to the Nebbiolo of the Langhe.

From these vines are also produced wines from indigenous grapes, as in the case of Favorita and Fresia. In this territory are produced various types of wines, each very different from the others, thanks to the variety of this territory and its soil, which probably has no equal in the world.

Curious about tasting our Nebbiolo wine? Come to discover it!

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