Iuva: the Organic wrinkle-cream made of wine

The pomace of Barbera wine used for a unique anti-aging face cream: Iuva

iuva crema antirughe vino bio


Wrinkle creams often contain silicones and components of chemical origin, few creams are really organic and reliable, but you can find them, especially in small local realities.

From Cascina San Pietro, in Monferrato, after the Uvamatris wine line, a natural anti-wrinkle cream was also born, always based on wine.

Why choosing an anti-aging cream made of wine and grapes?

Grapes have important antioxidant features. For this reason the basic ingredient of this cream are the pomace, usually thrown as waste: it is in fact the skins, seeds and pips separated during the transformation of the grape into wine.


anti aging cream Iuva wine

What distinguishes these pomace is their richness in polyphenols and resveratrol, which are highly antioxidant molecules. Together with the Grape Seed Oil it fights the rising of free radicals and increases the production of collagenases, as well as protecting from UV rays, harmful to the skin; they are in fact responsible for the formation of wrinkles and cause a strong dehydration.

Combined with vitamin E, along with almond oil and Argan oil, Iuva improves the turgor of the skin, nourishes and protects it ensuring elasticity and softness to the touch.

With a good feminine touch, the cream has been added microparticles pearlescent, so as to give brightness to the face and make the skin, evenly, radiant.

To respect the principles of the family of Uvamatris, the cream is completely natural, does not contain petrolatum, silicones, parabens or dyes and all ingredients are exclusively of plant origin. A truly organic anti-wrinkle cream and 100% made in Italy. Indeed, in Monferrato.

Iuva anti-wrinkle cream, to help

Creating an anti-wrinkle cream was not only a product challenge, but a real ethical challenge: being able to create a circular micro-economy where even a waste product became a resource, giving new life to the pomace for a new product, healthy, sustainable.

That’s why its name is Iuva: it comes from the Latin verb “iuvare“, which means to help, to give pleasure. The aim of this cream is not to give a lifting effect to the skin; rather, to help the skin feeling good, to give every woman the pleasure of touching her smooth skin.

Contact us in the box below if you want to test it! Or write us on our social pages: Iuva cosmetics and Uvamatris! 

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