A wine for every zodiac sign

The wine we like is not an accident, the stars say it: it varies for each zodiacal sign

segno-zodiacale-vinoIt seems that the horoscope influences our tastes too and, in terms of wine, fortunately there are enough for every sign. For a special birthday gift, or an original idea, rely on the stars (and wine)! 

For every sign of the zodiac, we will recommend you a suitable wine! Because in the end, even if none of us believe it, we always admit to being at least a little bit influenced by the stars!

Merlot, the wine for the Aries

The Aries are energetic, and stubborn people. For such a strong character, the right wine is Merlot, a spirited wine, drastic, almost absolute.

Pinot Noir for the sign of Taurus

Toros are people very close to the family and dedicated to nature; for them, the best wine is Pinot Noir, an elegant wine that needs a lot of care, attention and commitment to be perfect.

Gemini and the Sicilian Chardonnay wine

Gemini people are curious and full of desire to have fun, they are the true souls of the party! The wine that best represents them is therefore the Sicilian Chardonnay, a lively wine with a light appearance, but in reality complex and rich in fruity aromas.

If you would like to go for one of our labels (trust me, they are amazing), then we can’t but suggest tasting  Aurora, our Chardonnay!

A glass of Lambrusco to the Cancer

Cancer is a person very prone to change which, at the same time, also remains deeply linked to traditions. For these people the tradition of a family lunch, the conviviality of a table are as much as they can appreciate. And in this context, the best wine is the Lambrusco, inevitable. It is in fact a traditional wine, suitable for many recipes and especially for meat dishes, just like a barbecue with friends.

Bolgheri Red for the Lions

Leo has a dominant instinct, and generally tends to make decisions aimed at the good of all; this is why, first of all, he thinks of the good of his family, being of a very close nature to family affections. The wine that best suits him, is the Bolgheri Rosso, a real local excellence that however is able to excel and make its aroma feel even on the most complex and processed meats.

Mueller-Thurgau for Virgos

Virgo, a person with a devotion to detail down to the smallest detail, is also loyal and concrete. Therefore, its ideal wine is the Müller-thurgau, a northern white and very meticulous suitable for romantic dinners.

At the Libra, a Merlot

The Libra, a balanced and sincere person, but also unwilling to take decisions independently. The wine that best suits him, therefore, is the Merlot, simple, sweet, and that everyone likes.

Barolo for the sign of Scorpio

Scorpio has a very flashy personality, exuberant; at the same time, he is also a person full of character and substance. For this reason it can only be in perfect harmony with Barolo, a wine that presents itself with an intense perfume but that then, on the palate, is perfectly balanced.

The rosé for Sagittarius

A lively and loving sign of conviviality, perfectly suited to a rosé wine: a dynamic, sweet wine. Absolutely to share!

Syrah for the Capricorn

The Capricorn does not like to show off, he is rather a calm and attentive person. This is when Syrah becomes the right wine, a purplish and aromatic wine, which is fresh and soft on the palate.

The sparkling Prosecco ideal for Aquarius

The Aquarius is creative and ingenious, a sparkling person, just like the wine that suits him, Prosecco.

Pinot Grigio for those born under the sign of Pisces

Pisces are insecure dreamers, who once taken courage go far. Their wine is Pinot Grigio, which comes from a red grape, so as to be a coppery fermented in white.

In any case, we remind you that there is always a wine that can bring everyone together: our Uvamatris!

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