Where can you buy Uvamatris wine? On GeMiTo Store!

Uvamatris wine is online, on GeMiTo Store!


Probably after reading some of the Uvamatris articles and having peeked a little bit of our wines, you have (obviously!) asked… And now where do I buy it? No problem, there is GeMiTo Store! 

Our best wines produced  in our Cascina San Pietro are there, waiting for you in practical boxes and of course with a direct shipment to your home! Here you will find all Uvamatris wines on GeMiTo Store

What is GeMiTo Store?

GeMiTo is a great chance to taste wines from Piedmont, Lombardy and Liguria that the staff has previously analyzed: well, you can trust it! Wine comes straight from the producer, therefore be aware! You Uvamatris wine will come straight from Sala Monferrato, no intermediary phases, working only at zero km, to evaluate the territory. 

If you did not realize, even the name itself is linked to the territory: Genoa, Milan and Turin. This underlines the sustainability of the project, linked to the places of origin and to demonstrate that a territory can be discovered even while tasting it!

No problem at all if you are not from the area! France? New York? Well, shipment arrives anywhere you may require!

Among the GeMiTo peculiarities, that really think of all wineLover, you will also discover the exclusive Smart Box, created to meet the taste of each and, if you are not sure which wine is suitable for you, there’s also the test available!

In short, a project really suitable for wine lovers around the world, attentive to sustainability and especially curious to discover new flavors!

Well, if you want to find the right wine for you, now you know where to check for it!

In the meantime, we wait for you at Cascina San Pietro, if you want to come and pick the boxes of Uvamatris wine waiting for you!

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