Piedmontese white wine: DOCG wines, typical and famous


Discover the best white wines of Piedmont, and find all the secrets of a region with lots of wines, both white and red.

Monferrato white Piedmont wine

Piedmont is the largest region in Northern Italy, with a particular climate that helps the cultivation of vineyards, which in fact has been traced since the time of the ancient Romans; there are many wines produced in the region, from the typical white wines of Piedmont to the most famous reds.

Even if the cultivation of the vineyards has ancient origins, the real exploit of the Piedmontese viticulture has been had with Vittorio Emanuele II and above all with his minister Cavour, author of a great technological innovation in the agriculture.

What makes Piedmontese white wine so high quality?

The factors that make Piedmontese wines so famous and unique are different, and above all unrepeatable; here are the main ones:

  • Exposure: The wines of Piedmont grow in the hilly area at the foot of the Alps and this allows the vineyards to be always well exposed and with a good drainage. In addition, the Po’ and other rivers (such as the Dora baltea, write, tanaro) ensure that the soil is always very fertile.
  • Soil: For Piedmontese wine to be so good, it needs a very particular soil, whose composition is mainly calcareous marl, combined with sand and clay.
  • Climate: The proximity to the mountains means that the summers are not too hot and the autumns long enough to reach a perfect degree of maturation.

Which are the most popular wines produced in Piedmont?

Surely, the king of Piedmontese cellars is Barolo, made with Nebbiolo grapes (and of which our Nebula Nebbiolo Monferrato DOC is a great example!) Then, there are other popular wines, like Barbera (ever tasted our Sagitta?), the Dolcetto, Bracchetto, Bondarda and many others…

Even the white wines are remarkable and among the most famous must not miss the Moscato Bianco, the most famous ever. The other white wines produced in Piedmont are:

  • Chardonnay
  • Pinot (Grey and White) 
  • Riesling
  • Moscato
  • Cortese
  • Erbaluce

Moreover, do not forget that Piedmont has 22 local wines DOC labelled! Well, a region to drink!

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