How many calories in wine?

Unfortunately, many times we question ourselves on calories in a glass of wine, and sometimes thinking about it makes us consider it we should take another one or not..

calorie-vinoSo, how many calories has a glass of wine?

First of all, good news is that wine is healthy and drinking a glass per day supports the cardio-circulatory system… so, do not feel soooo guilty! Furthermore, the calorie intake of a glass of wine is significantly lower than that of a spirit drink, but also compared to carbonated drinks or tea and industrial juices.

Nevertheless, calories are still there and, on average, a gram of alcohol contains 7 calories (more than a gram of pasta).

Therefore, considering a standard glass of wine of 150ml, alcohol goes from 11% to 14%. Talking about a glass of wine, have you ever questioned yourself on how much wine should you put in it? Here is the answer!

Let’s check now how many calories in a glass or red wine, white or sparkling!

Ok, time for the truth!

  • RED WINE counts, per each glass, from 80 to 120 calories, when it has an alcohol content between 10° and 14°.
  • WHITE WINE, likewise red one, counts around 80 – 110 kcal per glass for wines with alcohol content going from 10° to 12°.
  • Last, but not least, there is the SPARKLING WINE, unfortunately, the most caloric, as just a glass counts from 120 to 150 calories; nevertheless, there might be a hope! Calories in prosecco (or sparkling in general) depend both on the alcohol content (10° – 12°) but, as well, on the residual sweetness.

Whenever in doubt, do not think about the calories of a glass (especially if Uvamatris) as this is a real pleasure!

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