Does red wine help you in loosing weight?

Does wine make you lose weight? A glass of red before going does to sleep is equal as one hour training? vino-rosso-fa-dimagrire

A scientific study states that… It’s probably one of the phrases that we hear most often, and that we need as an excuse for everything, like saying that red wine makes you lose weight, and so it’s right to drink it.

First of all, do you know if that’s true, or are you getting fat without knowing it?

We will see in this article where this theory comes from, and how, to then determine if it is true or if it is another fake news.

Where does the idea that red wine makes you lose weight?

Every now and then some scientific theory comes to the fore, and in the case of red wine that does as well as a gym hour a day. The studies that could feed this theory are two:

– The theory of mice losing weight thanks to resveratrol;
– The study conducted on 20,000 women for a very long time

Let’s analyze them.

In the case of the mouse study, it was seen that resveratrol (present in wine) is able to promote the transformation of white fat (more difficult to dispose of) into brown fat, less stubborn.

Instead, in the case of the test carried out on 20 thousand American women, the study does not say if they had a sedentary life, or if they did physical activity: they were only united by the fact of drinking wine.

This is how the “scientific studies” are already getting inaccurate; moreover, on the test conducted on mice was the same doctor Dyck, head of the experiment, to explain that yes, resveratrol is useful to dispose of fat and improve physical performance, but is not contained enough in a glass of wine to affect!

Indeed, according to the scientist, we should drink between 100 and 1000 bottles a day for the wine to have this effect! Perhaps a little too much to say that red wine makes you lose weight!
With this explanation, unfortunately, we can understand that it is just another fake news, and that wine, despite having many positive effects (in the first place, makes people more bearable), will not make us lose weight.

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