Have you ever considered pairing pizza and wine?


Have you ever considered pairing pizza and wine?

Absolutely! We at Uvamatris love pizza (like everyone else) and wine with pizza!

It is not only the beer that is suitable, but also wine is good with pizza! Let’s see now why and which wine goes with it. 

First of all, the right wine enhances the sweetness of the tomato sauce and the taste of the cheese. The secret, not to provoke the revolt of your taste buds, is to choose the right wine based on the ingredients of the pizza.

Same as colors, a red wine is better suited to tomato pizzas, while white ones are better suited to a white. Wine and pizza can be easily combined thanks to this scheme below, perfect to save and always keep in range when you are in the pizzeria!

Wine and Pizza

Wine and Pizza: What goes Well with Pizza?

What wine goes Well with Pizza?

You can really match any wine you want to pizza and it will in any case be a success! For example, a Primitive as the Zinfandel is perfect for the intense taste of a pizza four cheeses while, on the contrary, a white pizza, more delicate, goes well with the fruity taste of a chardonnay, like our Aurora Monferrato white DOC.

How about a good Barbera like the Sagitta with the sea pizza? Or you could go for another flavor as intense as Pinot Noir.

Do you know which wine is best suited to the queen of pizzas, the Margherita? The elegant, sweet and tasty wines, like a rosé!

Okay, now we know you’ve had your mouth watering, so run and order your pizza! And of course your wine, strictly Uvamatris

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