“In vino veritas” proverb


In vino veritas: meaning and origin

First of all, let us start from the definition of the vocabulary: In vino veritas is a Latin proverb, translation of a famous saying of the Greek philosopher Zenobio, which literally means: «in wine is the truth». That is, clear reference to when, a little tipsy, you tend to be more open and therefore sincere.

Although the origin is Greek, it was then taken up several times by the Latins, wine lovers. (By the way, did you read the article on the Ancient Rome doctor? He treated with wine!)

The first to take up in the Latin version the proverb was Pliny the Elder, with the complete proverb of:” in vino veritas, in Aqua sanitas”, that is “in wine there is truth, in water health”. 

In good synthesis, we could say that this proverb shows the power of wine to reveal what people really think; ideas, thoughts, and opinions are already present in the person, but it is precisely in wine that the veritas comes out: Man says what he thinks and exposes himself with less inhibitory brakes, supporting what he believes.

On the contrary, the part “in Aqua sanitas” indicates that rational decisions are then made sober, when one has the lucidity to decide. According to erodotus, this is to be considered valid also thanks to a rule of the Persians, who established that, if from drunk a decision is made, this must be absolutely reconsidered sober.

To sum up, do drunk people tell the truth? Well, let’s say so, provided they get some good wine!

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