Why do we clink glasses when toasting?

Toasting is an ancient use, coming straight from the Ancient Romans which, since then, has always represented a moment of joy and conviviality. Indeed yes, even back then we used to clink glasses to toast.

To date, it represents a rite of hope shared in our culture. But, in the time of the ancient Romans, it was not the same thing, on the contrary… It often happened that among the guests of a banquet there was an enemy who would try to poison one of the diners, which was very common at the time. 

So what does touching the glasses have to do with the toast?

And here comes the tradition of bumping the glasses: instead of the glass goblets, they used very robust cups. These were whipped loudly and decisively by the diners, so much so that there were splashes of wine that ended in different cups, so that the liquid was exchanged among all. 

In this way, people were reassured about the wine offered and the moment of hostility was won. 

Furthermore, but this came later, when glass got to be in use, clinking, as a nice sound, was supposed to “fulfill” the experience for all the 5 sense.

So, time to celebrate and party… Cheers! by Uvamatris!

perché si toccano bicchieri brindisi

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