Here is the 2019 for our blog Uvamatris, dedicated to the Monferrato wines

Time budgets for Uvamatris, and for our blog. The end of the year is approaching and so we want to share with you our results, or at least, the first online ones! 

Here we are: in the first 10 months of the 2019 over 11.877 users came to visit our blog, with almost 19K pages read! This means a +32,07% compared to the same period in 2018. blog-2019-Uvamatris

Most of the readers come from Milan area (well, fair enough, considering the stress level there they must need a glass of Monferrato wine at night) while abroad most of the readers come from the United States.

Our most read articles?

As good winelovers, the most successful article is:”How much wine in the glass?” followed by a more technical:”when wine becomes vinegar“.

It seems that our readers are interested in curiosities concerning the world of wines and the most practical tips to serve a glass at best.

What about social networks? Our most appreciated Facebook post (and we thank you for that!) is the one abut the Certificate of excellence of Nebula Monferrato Nebbiolo DOC at the 2019 WineHunter Award. 

Thank you for this year together and for your likes, comments and shares that gave us a lot of energy!

Cheers, of course with a Uvamatris wine!

Do you want to taste a Monferrato wine by Uvamatris?

Get in touch, we will find the best wine for you!

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