When the wine is corked

It may happen sometimes that the wine has an unpleasant smell, like wet paper, and we are aware that the wine is corked. This annoying smell is caused by a fungus, the Armillary Mellea, which develops in the cork. It cannot be noticed until the bottle has been opened and can happen to any wine, even the most valuable. Unfortunately, if you are not at the restaurant but the bottle was purchased time before, you can not fix it, but the wine can be recovered.

wine is corked

What not to do

Do not drink it under any circumstances. In some cases it is suggested to use it for cooking, as the smell evaporates with heat. However, it takes a long time to cook, and it is not certain that the smell will disappear completely.

What to do

Instead of throwing it away, wine can be used to disinfect fruits and vegetables added to water: thanks to the alcohol contained it can eliminate many types of bacteria. If it is of white wine, it can be useful to clean the kitchen top, or to stain the fabrics. In particular, white wine helps to eliminate red wine spots. Alternatively, you can use wine as fertilizer, which will make plants and flowers thriving.

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