The Zibibbo of Pantelleria, a World Unesco Heritage Site

For the first time ever an agricultural practice has been recognized as a Unesco World Heritage Site. This confirms the Italian commitment to promote the local typical productions. For Unesco, it was not just a matter of the economical relevance of the vineyards of Pantelleria, but its social aspect has been mostly recognized, as this wine represents the culture of the island.

Zibibbo is both the name of the grape variety and of the sweet wine made with raisined grapes. Another dry Zibibbo si obtained from its berries, with a a thick and green/yellow skin. It had been introduced by the Phoenicians, who discovered it from the Egyptians.

To grow this wine farmers shall dig a hole around 20cm deep to facilitate the collection of water around a trunk, given the scarcity of rains. This techniques turns the cultivation into a unique and particular one. zibibbo

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