Ideas to pack your gift bottle

Christmas time is getting closer and a bottle of wine is always a great present, especially if you decide to pack the gift bottle. To actually surprise, you could consider an original gift box, like some of the following alternatives:

Use old jeans

Take a leg of an old pair of jeans, cut it taking the measures of the bottle then sew it on the bottom side. For a greater effect, keep the pocket, so you could fit something like a bottle opener.

Box in carved wood to pack the gift bottle

High-impact present, but some abilities in carving are required to create a box straight from a chunk. Take the chunk and, after cutting it in halves, you will carve the shape of the bottle. Perfect gift box for a wine aged in barrels.

Hats and Wool scarves

Ideal for those skilled in knitting, creating small scarves for the bottle neck is surely an original idea. Obviously, to coordinate with a hat on the bottle cap. A chilly friend will surely laugh with this present.

Felt packaging

Felt is the easier to use version of wool, you only have to get felt sheets and then, with scissors and glue, enjoy creating some covers for the bottle.

Paper packets

An old newspaper, or some wrapping paper could turn into original ideas. For example, you may wrap the bottle like an old parcel post closed with string, addressee and stamp.

confezionare bottiglie di vino

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