Wine as a medicine in the Ancient Rome: Menacrete of Tralles

medicina Vino

Route of the ancient wines” is a project promoting the culture of wine and local products of the Salerno area. In this framework, there is an itinerary with six stops, one of which is the visit at Menecrate of Tralles house. 

Despite being unknown to most of the public, this man is symbol of Caggiano, famous to be an ancient doctor who treated with wine. Arrived in Rome as a slave from the East, he learnt to be a doctor. He was then sent by the Mannei family to their country estate in Diano’s valley. There, he mostly treated slaves with wine. Such was his passion for this unusual practice that his sepulchral monument states: ”on one side the therapy based on wine, practiced by him, on the other, the love for his lifetime companion, Maxsuma Sadria

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