Gadgets for Wine preservation, red wines

Sometimes – yes, it might happen for real – a bottle of wine is too much and you simply want to stow it and keep it fresh. How do you do it? It all depends on the kind of wine you opened. Here are some suggestion to preserve your opened bottle of wine.

Young red wine

Young red wines need to breath once opened and a wine presrver is a great alternative to a decanter. It is a glass tube, featuring a floating gasket with a flat glass top. Once the wine is opened, insert the gasket and pour a couple of glasses. In this way, the wine could remain for several days, always in a cool place out of direct light.

Sweet and fortified wines

Sweet wines, thanks to their added sugars or spirits, last longer once opened. To preserve them at best, there are some special kits that can extend their life. Once the bottle has been opened, put the stopper on top. There is an injector that can then replace with argon gas the missing wine, preserving the quality of the wine. The bottle should then be stored in a cool dry cabinet, but never in the fridge.


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