How to toast in the world?


To toast is the act of raising a glass full of a drink (usually alcoholic) and drinking to the health of someone. The toast is widespread all over the world, but there are some differences from country to country. Here are some examples …

In Spain during the toast people celebrates the formula “Arriba, abajo, in the center and pa ‘inside”, drinking all in one sip after having made the glasses touch three times.
In Hungary there is no custom of making glasses touch at the moment of the toast, but they only come close. in China if the toast is held between two people, the older of the two will raise the glass higher than the other, if, instead, you are guests in the house of friends, the guests must keep the glass lower than the owner of home as a sign of respect.

It is then used to empty the glass in one gulp and turn it upside down, so as to show that there is nothing else to drink. In Ireland, before drinking it is used to recite the Scottish poem “Auld Lang Syne” holding hands. For Russians every opportunity is good to toast, one of their customs plans to conclude the toast with a good omen. In addition, the Russians, when they toast to love, usually hold the glass with their left hand.

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