The magical atmosphere of the Monferrato


Uvamatris comes from Monferrat, a part of the region of Piedmont that comprises roughly  the modern provinces of Alessandria and Asti.

Montferrat is one of the most important wine districts of Italy.

The territory is cut in two by the river Tanaro.

The northern part (the Basso Monferrato, “Low Montferrat”), which lies between that river and the Po, is an area of rolling hills and plains. The southern part (the Alto Monferrato, “High Montferrat”) rises from the banks of the Tanaro into the mountains of the Apennines and the water divide between Piedmont and Liguria.

On 22 June 2014, Montferrat was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Practically untouched by mass tourism, Monferrato is a place of traditions, of home-baked flavors, of delicious Italian cooking, culture and festivals.


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