Piedmont wines: quality keeps improving for a value close to one billion euros.


2017 has been quite an unusual year with early vine sprouting, frost in April, and abnormal summer heat, which have led to an overall decrease in production. Nevertheless, the quality of Piedmont wines was excellent. Not a surprise as wine has always been a true excellence of this region. And the report published by the Piedmont Region confirms just that.

Production was just over 2 million hectolitres in 2017, but the quality was excellent, especially for the reds, although the whites were also good or excellent. In general, the industry remains healthy. In fact, there are 18 thousand wineries in Piedmont, a figure on the rise for the first time in many years. The vineyard area covers 44,200 hectares. Export values are close to one billion euros, which is quite an impressive amount if you consider that Piedmont’s overall agri-food value is 4.5 billion euros.


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