Healing wines

In ancient times there weren’t many medicines so they used other methods like, for example, decoctions: infusions of herbs or spontaneous plants. Another way to extract active substances from herbs was the preparation of medicinal wines; their conservation was longer.

Nowadays, herbs-wine combination still has some beneficial effects and Uvamatris recommends three medicinal wine recipes:

Rhubarb – helps digestion, if you take a teaspoon before meals. Prepare it so:

  • rhubarb root powder 200g
  • sweet orange skin 40g
  • cardamom seeds 10g
  • Uvamatris red wine 1800g

Combine all the ingredients and leave in the dark for 6 days; filter and add 200g of chestnut honey.

Melissa – restorative and soothing, two teaspoons before lunch and dinner.

  • linden blossoms
  • chamomile flowers
  • melissa leaves
  • lemon skin and juice
  • Uvamatris red wine

Leave in the dark for 33 days then filter it adding 200g of linden natural honey.

China Calisaya – restorative, a spoon before lunch and dinner recommended.

  • china root powder
  • Uvamatris red wine

Leave in the dark for a week, filter it and add 50g of natural honey.


… But, if you simply want to taste a good Uvamatris wine, then wear warm clothes!


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