How to open a bottle of wine properly

And if you organize a Halloween party at home with some friends and a bottle of Uvamatris wine, how do you open it properly?

Here you are what you need: the right company, scary masks, a bottle of Uvamatris wine, a sommelier utility knife and a corkscrew.

Every Uvamatris wine bottle is sealed according to industry standards with a tin capsule; this to ensure tightness and wine integrity, protecting it from temperature changes or exchanges between oxygen and liquid, that could ruin the flavor. In order to remove it, just cut with the utility knife the metal cover precisely on the rib below the neck of the bottle. Be careful to remove the entire foil otherwise it can change the taste of wine.

The cork extraction is a delicate step because if you do it in the wrong way, the cork may breaks, reducing itself in crumbs and making wine undrinkable. So: put the corkscrew tip at the center of the cork and slightly pierce it. Screw the corkscrew leaving only one ride free. Pull the corkscrew lever down and hook the notched nozzle to the base of the bottle neck. Apply pressure on the corkscrew lever and pull it until complete extraction.

Now cheers, and have a good Halloween!


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