Wine broccoli

Prepare with Uvamatris a Sicilian typical side dish


1 kg of broccoli
50 g of onions
60 g Extra virgin olive oil
20 g anchovies in oil
Fresh parsley to taste
150 g fresh grated Pecorino
100 g Uvamatris red wine
1 clove of garlic
salt to taste
black pepper to taste

Chop up very fine parsley and onion. Remove leaves and flowering tops from broccoli. Divide broccoli from the central stem and wash them. In a pan put 30 g of oil and brown the garlic, to take it off once took a golden color. brown onion and add half of the anchovies quantity without the conserving oil. Put broccoli in the pan. Add salt and pepper, Pecorino and the remaining anchovies. Let cook low-fired about half hour. Add the Uvamatris red wine, marine it with the parsley and let cook for an half hour again. The wine broccoli are ready to be served!

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