Conventional way and Charmat way

Do you know the difference between conventional and charmat way? Discover it with Uvamatris!

The conventional way is a production process of the sparkling wine that creates a refermentation in the wine bottle through the introduction of sugars and selected yeasts.

The Charmat way is different from the conventional way bacause the secondary fermentation takes place in a watertight box, defined autoclave. This way allows to obtain a faster and cheaper  process compared to the conventional way ( it influences also the final product, that, with the same quantities of grapes and residual sugar content, results more freshest). On the other hand, for the productions of the sparkling wine obtained with this method, it is necessary to have particular equipments, called isobaric, that allow to operate to the same pressure of the wine: a decrease of pressure could be the cause of the loss of the carbonation of the wine.

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