Cooking With Wine…Questions and Answers

cucinare con il vino


Wine is used in the kitchen as a marinade ingredient, as a cooking liquid, and as a flavoring in a finished dish. Wine in cooking is used to intensify, enhance, and accent the flavor and aroma of food, not to mask the flavor of what you are cooking but rather to fortify it.

Uvamatris answers some interesting questions about cooking with wine

Will recipes taste better if I use a premium or expensive wine?

A good-quality wine will give the same fine flavor to a dish as a premium wine or expensive wine. Save the premium wine to serve with the meal. Remember – only use wines in cooking that you would enjoy drinking.

 Can I use leftover wine for cooking?

Yes. To save leftover wine for cooking, pour into smaller bottles, cork tightly and store in the refrigerator.

 How much wine should I use in a recipe when cooking?

This question depends upon the flavor intensity of the wine and the foods you are cooking. Proceed slowly in adding additional wine than the recipe calls for. Wine needs time to impart its flavor. If you’re not sure whether to add more wine to a dish, let the dish cook at least ten minutes before tasting again. Adding more wine than the recipe calls for won’t necessarily make it better. Wine does not automatically turn an ordinary dish into a gourmet dish. Use it with discretion.

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